Equipment Leasing to Improve Your Business


Equipment leasing provides 100% financing for the purchase of equipment. With no down payment required, credit line unaffected, and tax advantages; equipment leasing is very desirable for businesses. By making the acquiring of new or more equipment financially simple, companies can grow, take on more accounts, make more money. Equipment leasing is a great financial tool!

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

No Down Payment: Provides 100% financing. Bank loans normally require companies to provide at least 20% of cost. Beyond the burden to come up with the money, capital is tied up that could be used for other business needs. (One month's lease payment is normally required to activate the account.)

Tax deduction: With a true lease, the complete monthly payment is tax deductible as a business expense.

Open credit lines: With a loan, the borrowed amount cuts into available line of credit. With a lease, your credit line is not hindered and a new line of credit is established with a leasing finance institution. Leasing payment is a business expense, not a debt.

Soft costs covered: In many cases, shipping and installation costs can be covered in the leasing arrangement. 

Quick application process: Bank loans usually take weeks for approval and processing. With leasing, credit review can usually happen within 24 hours. The whole process from submitting application to obtaining equipment can take as little as a week.

Equipment can be added to lease: If you need more equipment, it can be added to your existing lease. 

Upgrade equipment: Some  leasing arrangements allows you to upgrade to newer/better equipment during the leasing term.

Keep upgraded equipment: With a true or capital lease, the business is not required to complete the final purchase of the equipment. At the end of the leasing term, you may allow the now used equipment to stay with the leasing company and lease new and more profitable equipment.

By leasing instead of outright purchasing equipment, working capital is kept available for other business needs. Leasing instead of obtaining a bank loan is simpler and keeps credit line open for other needs. With tax advantages and the ability to keep new and more profitable equipment working for you, your business can excel.


We can lease equipment of $2,000 and up. Over the road vehicles of $50,000 and up.


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