Small Business Loans Are Accessible for Many Businesses


Many businesses that do not have real estate to use as collateral struggle to get needed funding. Many of these businesses have been continually turned down by banks. But, small business loans are available and affordable for many businesses. Financing is available to help you to succeed.

These short-term business loans (few months up to five years), are based mainly on sales instead of credit history. Terms are flexible to meet the needs of individual businesses. Approval within 24 hours and funding normally within a week. Most business types qualify. No restrictions on how the funds are used for your business. Some funding programs do not require collateral. Both secured and unsecured financing available.

Most Business Types and Sizes Qualify

  • Restaurants

  • Automotive Services

  • Doctor/Veterinarian Offices

  • Retail Businesses

  • Wholesalers

  • Transportation

  • IT Companies

  • Hospitality Services

  • Manufacturers

Small business loans based on current sales and not past credit history

Many businesses can not get funding due to past credit issues. A business's credit history is sometimes negatively affected by circumstances outside their control. It takes time to clear negative factors off of credit reports. 

Our small business loan programs give more weight to your current sales than your past credit history. How is your business doing now? It will be the current sales of your business that pays back your loan, not your past credit issues.

We are happy to discuss your financing needs and tailor a program to fit your circumstances and business goals. Contact us for more information or to discuss your financing needs. 

OR if you are ready to fill out a loan application with our funding partner, National Business Capital, then please click the link below. You will be taken to an online application. Takes about two minutes to fill out and you should receive a response within 24 hours.


Simple! Fast! Efficient! Bad Credit OK, Tax Liens OK, 90% Approval Rate.

Be prepared for emergencies and opportunities by having a business line of credit before they arise

Be prepared with a business line of credit

  • A business line of credit can save a lot of money by minimizing down time when an emergency occurs. 

  • A line of credit can also make a lot of money for businesses by being financially able to quickly take advantage of opportunities.

  • Funding available at the time of need. Save time by having a line of credit in place.

Learn more here about how a business line of credit can save your business time and money.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance, sometimes shorten to just Cash Advance, is an advance on a business's credit card receipts. The advance is paid back in increments every time a merchant uploads their credit card or debit transactions.

Credit card sales are an asset that can be used to acquire financing

A fixed small percentage of each transaction is automatically transferred to the lender. You do not have to worry about manually paying another bill, but you should be given the ability to track your balance online.

Since the advance is paid back in increments based on sales instead of a set monthly amount, slow sales periods do not put a financial stress on your business. When you have an above average sales day, then more is paid towards the advance. On below average days, less is taken to pay down the advance.

A responsible Merchant Cash Advance provider will not advance your business more funds than your business can financially handle. Nor will they give you an advance without first paying off the one you may have. This practice is called "stacking" and can have serious detrimental affects on a business.

Need financing for your business? Are their improvements or opportunities that will help your business to thrive and succeed? Follow the link below and let us help you with financing tailored to your needs and goals. Easy application, fast funding, and personalized service. Low credit score not a deal breaker. 90% of applicants have been qualifying. Most business types served.