Factoring for Disaster Relief Companies


Factoring helps companies to take part in disaster relief efforts

 Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, and ice storms not only can cause much damage, but also upend people's lives. How relieved they feel when they see relief workers arrive. Disaster relief also provides opportunities for businesses to make extra income. From power interruption to FEMA supported reconstruction, opportunities abound. Some companies even follow the storms. 

Since payment for services rendered can be slow, financial support can be imperative. Instead of allowing slow payment hinder your good work, factoring is a debt free way of financing that work. Receive funds within 24 hours of invoicing. A steady flow of working capital allows you to bring in more equipment, workers, and take on more accounts. Also, it will help to keep your employees happy. 


Factoring for disaster relief companies easy to set up

Startup companies welcomed. No startup fees, no hidden fees, no monthly volume minimums.  Your business credit is not the concern, and non-recourse factoring makes this financing program elite. Contact us here at Assured Capital Funding, LLC to learn more and discuss your needs. Disaster relief is an important work for our day. We would like to support your endeavors to help your fellow man during a difficult time for them.