Factoring for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers often wait 30 to 120 days to receive the insurance payments that pay for their services. This waiting can cause great financial stress on their business. Working capital held hostage by slow paying insurance companies keeps providers from getting what they need to support their growing practice. Hiring more staff, purchase new equipment, expand existing facilities; all are held back by a slow cash flow.

Factoring for healthcare providers creates a steady flow of debt free working capital. Cash put into your account within 48 hours of issuing an insurance claim goes a long way to building a successful healthcare practice. 

Factoring helps healthcare providers with working capital

Healthcare factoring though is a specific type of factoring. Therefore, few factoring companies provide it. At Assured Capital Funding, LLC, we are connected to a premier healthcare factor financing institution. They are involved in the healthcare industry on a daily basis, so they understand the healthcare business. The 70% to 85% advance they give on your insurance claims within 48 hours helps you to care for your everyday operations. Once they receive the payment from the insurance company, then they deposit the rest of your money into your bank account minus their small factoring fee. 

Even though there are intricacies to factoring for healthcare providers, Assured Capital Funding, LLC can help you set up a premier account designed to help your practice to be a success. Contact us today to learn more about this simple, debt free financial solution!