Factoring Support for Manufacturing and Distributors

Manufactures and distributors work hard to gain and maintain market share. Often times though they have to wait a month, 2 months, and even 3 months to be paid on the product they provided. Meanwhile, they have a business to run and other orders to fill. Factoring for manufacturing and distributors will help them grow and keep market share.

Factoring and equipment leasing will help to support and grow your company.

If there is no steady cash flow, how do you make payroll, pay payroll taxes, pay suppliers, maintain equipment, keep up with your rent/mortgage? How do you grow market share if there is no working capital allowing for that? Resources spent chasing payment should be used to grow sales.

Factoring is the simple financial solution

Factoring provides cash on your invoices within 24 hours. There is no reason to grow your accounts receivable department. Doing so drains capital from your company. Accounts receivable is automatically included in the factoring arrangement. Concentrate instead growing your sales department. That is what will help your company gain and maintain market share. Factoring will provide you the financial support needed to grow.

Factor financing is simple. First, a quick credit check of your prospective client is provided. This helps alleviate concern of being paid. Next, once product is accepted by your client, turn in your invoice and cash is deposited into your bank account within 24 hours. Now, move on to your next sale.

Factoring for manufacturing and distribution provides cash you need when you need it. Continue to take on more accounts and factoring will be there to support you. And the best part, you never go into debt. 

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