Factoring Financing for Trucking Companies

Factoring Financing Support for Freight Brokers

Factoring for Trucking/Transportation Companies

A steady flow of cash is imperative for a trucking company to survive. Most trucking companies have to wait 30 to 60 days to receive payment on a load that is delivered. Meanwhile, gas, maintenance, taxes, and other expenses are needed to keep rolling. Sadly, some owners have had to park their trucks while waiting to receive payment on past loads delivered. Factoring for trucking companies solves the problems waiting to be paid causes.

Factoring can help you grow your fleet.

Other trucking companies loose money because of never being paid. Waiting to be paid, or never being paid at all, causes great financial stress. Trucks need to keep rolling! A good factor financing arrangement is just the capital support needed to not only keep your trucks rolling, but help you to grow.

Assured Capital Funding, LLC provides the premium transportation factoring program needed to keep a steady flow of cash rolling into your bank account. The non-recourse program relieves the worry of not being paid. Gas card allows up to 50% gas advance on delivering load. Free loaderboard included.

Factoring for Freight Brokers

Freight brokers are caught in the middle of paying their carriers while waiting to be paid by shippers. Maintaining a good credit record and the trust of carriers is vital for their existence. 

Grow your freight brokerage with factoring

A solid broker factoring program is just what you need, and that is what we provide. You receive funds within 24 hours and your carriers are paid for you. Also, you will be able to offer quick pay to your carriers while sharing factoring fees with them. A solid factor funding program will improve your credit and trust in the industry.

Stop stressing over collecting on invoices and paying carriers. Concentrate on making good contacts and more sales.

Factoring Program for Trucking Companies

  • 95% advance on invoices within 24 hours

  • Guaranteed credit of broker before accepting load

  • 24/7 unlimited free credit checks of brokers/shippers

  • Free load board access

  • Fuel card/Fuel advance up to 50%

  • Easy application process/no start up fees

Factoring Program for

Freight Brokers

  • 95% advance on invoices within 24 hours

  • Carriers paid/on time

  • Financial support to offer quick pay

  • Share factoring fees with carriers

  • 24/7 unlimited free credit checks of shippers

  • Easy application process/no start up fees

Factoring for your trucking company or freight brokerage will help you grow your business.

Reduce stress and keep a steady flow of working capital by factoring with us today!

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