Financing Help on Video Channels

Watching videos today is a major source of, not only entertainment, but education. Video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have become go to websites for learning about almost any subject. How much easier it is to learn how to change car brakes or sew a dress by watching a video as opposed to only written instructions.

Because the benefits of teaching by video are great, Assured Capital Funding, LLC has started channels on both YouTube and Vimeo. We will add to these channels on a regular basis with mainly short videos that speak about features of different types of alternative financing and how to put them to practical use.

Below are three of our latest videos on the power of factoring financing. Follow them to our channels and subscribe to stay up to date on how alternative financing will help your company to grow and thrive.


The power of factoring financing – most important question to ask.

The Power of Factoring Financing – Advantageous Features

Grow Your Trucking Company with Freight Bill Factoring